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Helping You With Your Employee Or Spousal Investigation

SRS Private Investigations is focused on providing discrete worker's compensation and spousal investigation services in San Francisco, California. Our team will gather the evidence needed in a fair, legal, and transparent manner.

Background Checks

SRS Private Investigations provides human resource managers nationwide with custom tailored solutions designed to make employee screening a simple and swift process. We utilize a network of proprietary private databases and decades of knowledge to provide a product and customer experience second to none.

Civil Litigation

Injury, harassment, divorce, contractual issues, and financial concerns often result in civil litigation. We assist attorneys and private clients by:

 » Evidence Gathering and Document Retrieval
 » Focusing and Limiting the Scope Of Discovery
 » Identifying, Locating, and Interviewing Witnesses
 » Reviewing Documents and Reports
 » Scene Investigation

Key To You Case

The final outcome of your case could well depend on your ability to be better prepared than the opposing side. With our help and resources, your case will be exceptionally stronger.

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Surveillance Services

Our team of skilled surveillance professionals utilizes the latest in legal cover technologies, including HD cameras, to provide court admissible evidence. Before starting any case, we thoroughly research our subjects and claimants. Our reports, provided in a timely and proper manner, detail all events and are usable for lawyers, insurance agencies, adjusters, and private individuals.

Worker's Compensation and Internal Investigations

It is up to the employer to confirm if a worker's compensation claim is valid. An investigation can help employers and insurance companies by determining the veracity of the claims, and whether they have grounds to deny the request. Additionally, we provide investigative services for firing and theft situations.

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Spouse Investigations

According to statistics, wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85 percent of the time, while husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50 percent of the time. Our team is experienced, discrete, and capable of providing effective investigative services regardless of the situation. Here are some warning signs:

 » Suspicious Phone Habits and Internet Use
 » New Email Address
 » Change In Appearance, Work Routine, and Intimacy
 » Unexplained Absences and Unanswered Phone Calls

Why Spousal Surveillance?

When it comes time for a divorce or custodial hearing, the more information you have the better. By having the facts, you can present a stronger argument with regards to custody, child support arrangements, and alimony.