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Our pre-employment backgrounds include, but are not limited to, the following areas of inquiry:

Social Security Number Verification

With at least 20 percent of the population maintaining undisclosed aliases, ensuring that you have the right name when performing a search is essential. Most companies omit this step, but we strive to prevent "no record" results and provide you with all discrepancies in names and addresses.

Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Filings

We will perform a comprehensive criminal background check for the individual's area of residence. Multiple noted addresses within seven years may result in additional charges.

Superior Civil Search

By looking through court filings, we can discover a history of restraining orders, financial problems, and lawsuits against prior employers.

Driving History

Protect your company against irresponsible drivers by reviewing their DMV record. Access to records varies state by state.

Sex Offender Registry

Our team will provide you with a sex offender search for all relevant areas. More research may be required if a record is found.

Officer Or Director Of a Corporation

Anyone can claim to run a company. We verify by checking relevant state records.

Credit History

We obtain an Equifax® report and help you understand the applicant's financial history. This reports covers activity nationwide.

Professional Licensing Verification

The Department of Consumer Affairs maintains information regarding professional persons and businesses. We will provide you with the following licensure verification data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • License Number and Type
  • Issue and Expiration Date
  • All Public Disciplinary Actions

Secondary Education Verification

Ensure your employees have the degree they stated on their application. We will verify: type, course of study, and date obtained.

Employment History Verification

We will verify the employee's work history, including responsibilities and reasons for leaving. This includes performance metrics like attendance.

References Checked & Others Developed

We ensure employee competency by verifying history with supervisors and colleagues. The investigation may uncover more people of interest.

Universal Search

Available nationwide, this report checks 164 separate categories in the western states (other states may vary). This information includes: bankruptcies, Superior Court records, liens, and judgments.